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Motorcycle IZH 7.107-01& his updatings. A maintenance manual 7.107-0000010-01 RE, Open Society " Izhmash ", Izhevsk


1.1. Safety measures at exploitation of a motorcycle
2.1. Opening-up of a motorcycle for exploitation
2.2. Launch of the engine
2.3. Running-in of a new motorcycle
3.1. Shared datas
3.2. Engine
3.3. Power transmission
3.4. Undercarriage
3.5. Electric equipment
3.6. Refuelling capacitances
3.7. Adjusting data
3.8. Item of information on the contents of precious metals in a motorcycle
5.1. Engine
5.1.1. Brief indicatings on removal of the engine
5.1.2. Coupling
5.1.3. Gear box
5.1.4. Disassembly and assembly of the engine
5.1.5. System of measured lubrication of the engine
5.1.6. Brief indicatings on replacement of parts of piston group
5.2. The power supply system also issue
5.2.1. Petrol crane
5.2.2. Carburettor
5.2.3. Inhaler
5.2.4. Silencer
5.3. Undercarriage
5.3.1. Suspension of a forward sprocket with the disk brake
5.3.2. Suspension of a forward sprocket with the two-jaw brake
5.3.3. Control pillar
5.3.4. Suspension of a back sprocket
5.3.5. Saddle with shield
5.3.6. Sprocket
5.3.7. Brake
5.3.8. Circuit of the drive of a back sprocket
5.3.9. Reduction gearbox of a speedometer
5.4. Electric equipment
5.4.1. Generator
5.4.2. Accumulator battery
5.4.3. Rectifier-voltage regulator
5.4.4. Installation of ignition
5.4.5. Switchboard electronic
5.4.6. Sensor of ignition
5.4.7. Induction coil
5.4.8. Ignition plug
5.4.9. Tip Ignition plug
5.4.10. Head lamp
5.4.11. Disconnecting switches of XOFF of brakes
5.4.12. Sound signal
5.4.13. Fuse
5.4.14. Interrupter of the indexes of turns
5.5. Kinds and periodicity of maintenance
5.5.1. Order of maintenance
5.6. Possible troubles of a motorcycle
7.1. Order and conditions of assertion of the claimes
The appendix 1. Addresses of servicing deports
The appendix 2. Weights of main assembly units
The appendix 3. Bearing boxs used on a motorcycle
The appendix 4. Glands used on a motorcycle
The appendix 5. Value of the moments of tightenings of screwed joints of a motorcycle
The appendix 6. A list of activities on before-sale to opening-up of a motorcycle
The appendix 7. The wiring diagram
The appendix 8. The scheme of the engine

The motorcycles are certificated on conformity to the requirements which are ensuring safety and guarding of environment, by the Rules EEC the United Nations # 6, 10, 28, 39, 40, 41, 53, 60, 62, 81, 78 and have Endorsing such as a transport means # ROSS RU. MT26. E00010P1.

The factory plate

The factory plate:

1 - factory plate; 2 - trade-mark of firm - production and notation of a base midsection of a motorcycle; 3 - handle consisting from: a code of the manufacturer of a motor-item (XTKM), conditional index models of a motorcycle (five signs), serial manufacturing number of a motorcycle (eight signs), including maiden sign - code letter conforming to year issue; 4 - notation of a complete set of model of a motorcycle; 5 - conditional index of the engine; 6 - year issue; 7 - sign of conformity at mandatory certification; 8 - code of a body by certification issuing the certificate of conformity

Dear buyer!

The firms realizing motorcycles, are obliged to conduct a complex of activities on before sale up to opening-up pursuant to a list and with the conforming mark in the coupon before sale up of opening-up.

It is necessary to test:

  • a regularity of filling of the coupons # 1 and # 2 with a statement of the date of sale, availability of printing or seal of the enterprise, sale to you a motorcycle;
  • unity of numbers on the engine, factory plate arranged on the cradle of a motorcycle, and in the passport of a transport means;
  • complete set of a motorcycle.

To each motorcycle are applied:

  • the operation manual;
  • the maintenance instruction of the battery accumulative;
  • the sheet of a complete set;
  • complete sets of the tool, accessories and SAF (Spares And Fitting up); assembly parts;
  • the passport of a transport means (is given by firm, sale a motorcycle).

Decryption of conditional indexes

Notation of a complete set A conditional index of model of a motorcycle A conditional index of the engine
IZH 7.107-010-01 71071 P51002
IZH 7.107-020-01   P51001
IZH 7.107-025-01    
IZH 7.107-030-01    
IZH 7.107-040-01   P51101
IZH 7.107L-020-01   P51001
IZH 7.107L-025-01    
IZH. 7.107-012-01   P51104

Last changes 25.03.2004
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